ImageDevelop your ability to dream positively.Both daydreams and nightdreams can be used positively to help you realize your goals and visions.Look at your dreams as a representation of what you want…h harris



I believe in the stuff I am handing out,in the firm I am working for and in my ability to get results.
I believe that honest stuff can be passed on to honest people by honest methods.
I believe in working,not weeping,in boosting,not boasting,in uplifting,not knocking and in the very pleasure of doing my job well..e hubbard


Attain the love of God through love.Similarly, attain truth through truth.When you lead your life in such a manner,that is true Sadhna.Going to a forest and sitting in solitude is not true Sadhna.Live in society and and serve it selflessly,thinking that you are serving God.When you serve somebody in distress,consider that you are serving God Himself….. Sathya Sai Baba

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